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make slideshow screensaverMake Screensaver with pictures
make flash screensaverMake Screensaver with flashs
video screensaverMake Screensaver with videos
make a screensaverMake Screensaver with websites

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  • Q:How many image files can be made into a screensaver?
    A:There is no limitation on the number of image files when using My Screensaver Maker. You can select pictures as many as you like. But with consideration to the running speed,we suggest it is better less than 1024 image files include when make screensaver.

  • Q: Do I need to download again after purchasing?
    A: No,you need not. A trial version can be turn in a full verion by do register, after you make the order, you will receive the registration code, do a register with it and turn the trial version to be the full version.

  • Q:I had purchased a new computer, what should I do now?
    A:If you want to use My Screensaver Makerin your new computer, please uninstall it on the old one, and install the program to the new computer.

  • Q:I've lost my registration code. How do I deal with it?
    A:If you have purchased from the website, simply contact us with your name and your email address in purchasing. We will send it to you. There is never a cost for this service.

  • Q:I purchased a previous version and I see the new version is available. Is there a special upgrade price?
    A:The upgrade is free, you can get the new version without any cost.

  • Q:I have done a purchase, when will I receive my registration code?
    A:After you purchased , you will receive your registration code in 5 minutes.

If you have any question or suggestion of make screensaver, please let we know via email,any question or suggestion is appreciated for us.You can contact us at


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